About Us

About Us

9yda.com is a Kuwaiti website, one of the projects of the International Technology For General Trading in the state of Kuwait, specialized in providing daily transactions and special offers for all types of local and international products, 9yda.com provides online purchasing services for the products displayed by us while providing the best electronic payment methods and the fastest shipping services.


Why 9yda.com?

9yda.com gives you an ample opportunity to get local and international products at the best prices through a wide range of daily offers, discounts and transactions, while providing:

  • The best e-payment services with payment methods that suit all our customers in Kuwait in Gulf Countries.

  • The best local shipping services through certified and reputable shipping companies in Kuwait and International logistics companies.  

  • Product replacement and return service within 14 days of the time of receiving the product, while providing customer service that helps all our customers to reach the best online purchasing experience. 


    9yda.com looked forward to be the first website in the Arab and Middle East countries specialized in providing the best daily offers and transactions for the best local and international trademarks, expanding our customer base through opening new markets, providing all the diverse products that customers need to suit all aspirations and achieve the full benefit of our services and products. 



    Our mission is to provide the best offers, prices and discounts for high quality products while providing a distinctive and seamless experience of electronic purchase through 9yda.com



    • Credibility and honesty.

    • Quality and commitment.

    • Sincerity in providing work.

    • Amazing daily deal

    • Unique products and exclusive offers. 


    Thanks for visiting 9yda.com 

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