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Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is website? is a Kuwaiti website, one of the projects of the International Technology For General Trading in the state of Kuwait, specialized in providing daily transactions and special offers for all types of local and international products, provides online purchasing services for the products displayed by us while providing the best electronic payment methods and the fastest shipping services.


2- What products do offer? provides a variety of local and international products, and services are not limited to providing specific products, but the website seeks to provide the largest number of products available while providing the best offers, prices and daily transactions . So our customers can get electrical devices, electronic devices, smart phones, smart phone accessories, children's toys, furniture, kitchen supplies, various event supplies, supplies of land, camps, sea, chalets, car accessories... etc through the website , and other products that we provide through the website.


3- How can I buy through

You can review the products available through the website, access the product page you wish to purchase through it and then complete the purchase process by selecting the electronic shipping address through the electronic payment methods available through the website.


4- What payment methods are available through provides e-payment through the electronic payment gateway available through the website, and contracts with an electronic payment service provider to guarantee the security of the payment process and to maintain the privacy of financial transaction data, and the customer can pay through using (Visa, MasterCard, Knet).

5- How can I receive products? provides shipping services to all Kuwaiti cities, and the customer enters his address in detail and his means of communication, and the website will set the cost of shipping in the purchase request . Also the product will be delivered and received within 72 of the time of purchase.


6- How can I track the order? website specifies the expected period through which the product is delivered, the stages of the shipping and delivery process, and in case the information does not appear in the request, the customer can communicate with us through the means of communication available on the website and we will inform him of all the updates of the request.


7- How can I return or replace the product? provides a product replacement and return service within 14 days of the of receiving the product. The customer can request a return or replacement by contacting the Customer Service Center by phone or email described on Contact Us page, and the rep will arrive to the customer within 72 hours. The return or replacement of the product is subject to specific conditions and controls that you can view through "Return Policy", The product must be in its status and the customer does not receive any benefit from it or the product is damaged as a result of the customer's possession or error. Also, any other conditions and obligations stipulated in the return policy must be available.


8- How can I recover of funds paid?

You can recover the funds paid in case your return request is accepted, provided that the product is in its status and fully compliant with the return policy adopted via, and the website will return the funds with the same payment method used in the transfer.


9- What warranty does provide for products? provides all the warranties provided by the producing companies, and the website will transfer all the warranties it receives to customers, and in case of requesting the warranty, the customer contacts the product agent directly through the means of communication described in the warranty, and in all cases the warranty does not include defects arising from the user's possession or misuse.


10- Which countries are covered by offers the sale of products inside the state of Kuwait, and seeks to open new markets in the future in the Arab Gulf and Middle East countries.


11- How to become supplier?

Either you are local Kuwait supplier or International Fulfill supplier form or by contact sales team. 


12- How can you communicate with website administration?

You can contact customer service through the following means of communication:

  • Email:

  • Call us on the number 1810121

  • Via Contact Us page through "Talk to us".