Terms and Conditions


We are proud of your visit to 9yda.com.

We provide the services of 9yda.com website as an online store to sell products that are provided through it in the state of Kuwait in accordance with Kuwaiti laws, one of the projects and activities of the International Technology For General Trading based in the state of Kuwait. We provide these terms and conditions to govern and regulate the legal relationships between 9yda.com and its users, so please read these terms in an appropriate attention before using the website or request to purchasing the products through the website.


(1) Definitions

In applying the provisions of this agreement, wherever contained in it, the following words and phrases have the meaning outlined associated to each of them:

"Agreement" refers to the contract that connects the website to its users, which includes the Terms and Conditions Document and the Privacy Policy Document.

"9yda", "website", “application”, "we" or "our" refers to the application and the website www.9yda.com as well as the International Technology For General Trading in the State of Kuwait.

"User", "you" or "your" refers to the person who uses 9yda.com, visits it, orders to buy products through it, or visits the content available through the website.

"Customer" refers to anyone who uses the website for the purposes of buying the products available through it under the terms and conditions of this agreement.

"Products" refers to all types of products that are displayed for sale electronically through the website, for which a description and images are provided to clarify all their specifications to the customer.

"Order" refers to products that the customer has decided to buy through the website and has already submitted a purchase order about it.

"Third parties" refers to all persons and bodies that we do not have control over and are not under our supervision.

"Laws" refer to the laws applicable in the state of Kuwait.


(2) Descriptions of Services 

1.1 We offer the website www.9yda.com as an online store for selling products being offered for sale online in the State of Kuwait, so  the customers can order to buy various products through the website.

1.2 We provide the customer with access to the product's page, know the type of the product, model, weight and size and add the product to the cart and then the purchase order .

1.3 The website allows the customer to pay online through the website, which is a secure payment method that suits all our users in the State of Kuwait.

1.4 The website provides the shipping services to the customers through reputable shipping companies, in accordance with the website's shipping policy.

1.5 The website provides products return services in accordance with the website's return policy adopted by the website within these terms and conditions.

1.6 The website provides membership registration for website users, and the membership offers many features which may not be available to the average visitor.


(3) Conditions of Membership

3.1 The user can register his account on the website that allows him to have many different features and services such as (purchasing the products through the website, tracking orders, reaffirming the shipping requests, communicating with us about the products, reviewing the record of old orders and over viewing the   invoices and other features.

3.2 To register the membership on the website, the user must provide us with the following data (name, e-mail, address).

3.3 The customer must register for membership on 9yda.com with his data and email, so that he can receive any notifications sent to him from 9yda.com.

3.4 Any user is forbidden to register on our website with more than one account and we will delete all accounts if we found that out.

3.5 The user must maintain his username and password, and not disclose them to others, and in all cases the customer is committed to all the transactions made through his account on the website.

3.6 The membership on the website is provided with a licensing system for using the membership, so we have the right to revoke this License and terminate the membership at any time without providing any reasons.


(4) Electronic Contract

This document is an electronic contract between the website, the customer and any other user, and this contract is an alternative to any written, printed or electronic contracts required to be signed between the parties, and this document is legally approved before all courts and government bodies in case of a dispute over any service related to 9yda.com website.


(5) Legal age

The use of 9yda.com and/or purchase the products through the website requires the user to be 18 years of age or older, if the user is less than that, so his use must be under the supervision of his or parents or legal guardian. 9yda.com will not be legally obliged to verify the user's legal age, and the website is used and any data is provided through it on the user's responsibility alone .


(6) Legal notices

The user agrees to receive all notifications and notices from the website's administration electronically, and under this agreement he waives the receipt of any written or official notifications required under applicable laws, and acknowledges that notices sent electronically by the website via the website, email or mobile number are taken into the legal consideration in the relationship between the parties.


(7) Conditions of Use

7.1 These conditions were formulated in accordance with Kuwaiti laws. Products are provided through the website in accordance with the laws applicable in the State of Kuwait, therefore you comply with these laws regardless of the country to which you belong.

7.2 The user must be legally qualified to enter into this Agreement with us and he must be 18 years and older at the time of using our website.

7.3 Any information required must be entered on the website correctly and you must be responsible for it, its recency, quality, and legality, and you are obligated to update it whenever any change occurs.

7.4 The website must be used within the purposes declared through these terms or those declared through the pages of the website, and that our services should be used in good faith and not to manipulate the website or its customers in any way.

7.5 The website must be used legally and that this use should be serious and the users shouldn’t use the website for the purposes of fraud, scam, illegal communication, fake communication or harming to any party and that exercising any actions that expose the website to the legal accountability must be forbidden.

7.6 The user must notify us  in case of finding out any illegal practices or activities through the website.

7.7 The user must maintain the reputation of the website, not to offend the website directly or indirectly, does not cause us direct or indirect damages, and does not cause us any legal claims.

7.8 It is forbidden to resell or commercially exploit any part of the website, or profiteering from this , except for activities permitted by us.

7.9 The reviews and comments provided by the customer through the website must be honest and legal and do not include any amendment to the website, companies or other entities.

7.10 9yda.com website reserves the right to make any modifications or changes to its website and to policies and agreements associated with 9yda.com including terms and conditions.

7.11 The website reserves all its legal rights in the case that any user of the website violates our legal, legitimate rights or our rights enshrined in this agreement.


(8) Content Policy

8.1 The content is provided through 9yda website for information purposes only, and for the purposes of providing our services exclusively, and it should not be dedicated for any content, websites  or bodies that are not ours.

8.2 The website provides the content through it for the purposes of providing and displaying our services to the users and marketing our products through the website.

8.3 Texts, drawings, photographs, logos, illustrations, explanations, data and other materials provided by us on or through the services of 9yda.com in addition to its selection, compilation and arrangement that may contain errors, omissions, typographical errors or to be outdated, and the website may change, delete or update any content at any time without prior notice.

8.4 The data available through the website may include some unintentional errors, so you exempt us from any liability arising from this. Also you undertake to contact us to inquire and request to correct any errors in the data.

8.5 The customer must check any content available through the website, check its authenticity and accuracy and to conduct due diligence like the person who is keen to handle the content.

8.6 9yda website doesn’t bear any legal liability arising from the content available through the website, and you explicitly exempt us from doing so.

8.7 All the data available to other people through the website is provided at their own responsibility without any guarantees from the website.

8.8 The content provided by the user through the website must be legal and does not include any assault on the rights of others.

8.9 The user is legally responsible for any content, data, information, files, documents, papers or messages that he provides, sends or exchanges through the website.

8.10 The user is responsible before all bodies, authorities, courts and investigative bodies for any sanctions or compensations related to any illegal content he provide through the website.


(9) Purchase Orders

We allow the customers to purchase through the website, in accordance with the following controls:

9.1 The customer accesses to the website and browses the available products through it, and then submit the purchase requisite through the website.

9.2 The purchase order  must include the following data:

9.2.1 Log in to the website or register a new account on the website.

9.2.2 Your personal details ( the first name, the last name, the email, the telephone number or  the mobile number, the password, the password confirmation).

9.2.3 Invoices' arriving and shipping address (address, the city, the mailbox, the country, region/province).

9.2.4 The shipping method.

9.2.5 The payment method.

9.2.6 Shopping cart (product's image, name, type, quantity, price, total).

9.2.7 The  order notice "if any".

9.2.8 The customer must enter the reduction code or the gift voucher code to benefit from the reduction value in the purchase.

9.3 The website has the right to contact the customer before delivering the products for shipping to check some of the customer's special data from the customer or to check the seriousness of the purchase order.

9.4 The website has the right to cancel the purchase order made by the buyer if we cannot verify any of the customer's data or if we see that the order  may cause any damages for us.

9.5 The website has the right to cancel the order in case that the customer does not comply with any of the conditions contained in this agreement, does not find the customer's address or does not respond to the shipping rep, in this case the website reserved its right to any outstanding awards.

9.6 The website provides the products as available through the website at the time of purchase and with the specifications advertised through the website.

9.7 The website is obliged to deliver the products within the data available to the product through the website, therefore if the product does not match, the customer is entitled to request  for a return in accordance with the return policy.

9.8 The website is not obliged to provide any additional features or characteristics in the products after delivering it to the customer.

9.9 The website is not responsible for any scams in marketing or promotion scam for the products that the customer orders to purchase through the website.


(10) Customer's Conditions

10.1 The customer must be legally qualified to submit the purchase order of the products through the website.

10.2 The customer must register an account on the website to be able to submit the purchase order online through us and to follow up the delivery stages of the order.

10.3 The customer must access on the specifications of the products advertised through the website before submitting the purchase order, the order is considered definitive and as an acceptance of the product, and the return is only in accordance with our adapted return policy.

10.4 The customer must follow all the provisions that are stipulated in this agreement and he must comply with the applicable laws.

10.5 The customer submits the purchase order of the products at his own responsibility without the website provide any additional guarantees or pledges except these stipulated in this document.

10.6 The customer exempts 9yda.com from any liability arising from the provision of services to it, including any personal conducts occurs during the shipping process.

10.7 The customer is obliged to order and use the products for legal purposes, and he is responsible in case that he makes any illegal use of the products which he orders to purchase through the website.

10.8 There must be a clear shipping place for the shipping rep, and the order to ship to places that are off-limits are prohibited.

10.9 The customer obliges to all payment, shipping and return policies adopted by the website, and the customer knows and acknowledges that they regulate the relationship between him and the website.

10.10 The website has the right to block the membership of our customer if we found out at any time that the customer has violated any of the terms and conditions stipulated in this document or that the customer has made fake purchase orders or abused us in any way.


(11) Payment Policy

11.1 The customer must pay in accordance with this payment policy adopted by us, and you know and agree that changes to the payment policy may occur from time to time.

11.2 The official currency in the State of Kuwait is adopted in determining the prices of the products and purchase processes through the website.

11.3 The customer must check the prices of the products before submitting the purchase order through the website, including the price of a single-piece or the total price of the invoice.

11.4 The website provides to the customer payment with several means, namely (Knet, Visa, Master Card).

11.5 The website may requests to pay by certain methods of payment for the purposes of ensuring the seriousness of payment  or orders of the customer.

11.6 Bank transfers may be charged and therefore these charges are borne by the customer.

11.7 Administrative fees may be charged at any time relating to the use of the website, and we will make this clearly advertised through the website.

11.8 The customer bears the responsibility  for the whole payment process, and therefore we do not bear any errors in the payment process.

11.9 The customer must maintain the confidentiality of his payment data, and he must be careful to avoid using suspicious methods or unlicensed software.


(12) Shipping Policy

12.1 9yda website provides shipping services to the customers through the companies approved by us in the State of Kuwait, and we ensure that a premium service of delivering orders is provided to the customers.

12.2 The shipping company ships and delivers products to the customer within 72 hours of the time of purchase inside Kuwaiti cities, and some delay may occur for reasons that are not related to the website, and in case of any delay occur the customer will be informed with the new shipping date.

12.3 Orders are shipped from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm.

12.4 All orders on vacations or official holidays will be shipped on the earliest working day.

12.5 The shipping cost is added to the customer's bill, which includes the value of products in addition to the shipping value.

12.6 The customer undertakes to take precautionary measures while receiving the products from the shipping rep, and the website will not be responsible for any health damages the customer claims that they result from the shipping process.

12.7 The customer must treat the shipping rep properly, not to abuse him, and in case of any inappropriate personal conduct by the rep, the customer must take legal actions and releases the website's responsibility for any conduct.


(13) Return Policy

In order to provide a unique experience for our customers with our products, 9yda website offers through this agreement a policy of returning or replacing products purchased through us in the State of Kuwait, and returning or replacing are done in accordance with the following controls:

13.1 The customer must fill the form of the product return, which includes:

13.1.1 Order details: ( the first name, the last name, the email, the telephone or mobile number, the order number, the order date).

13.1.2 Information about the product: (the product's name, the product's type, the quantity, the reason for return, was the product opened or not, any  other details or defects in the product).

13.2 The website allows the order for return or replacement within 14 days of the date of receiving the product from the shipping company, and the following conditions are required  to accept the return or the replacement of the product:

13.2.1 The product should be in its original packaging, and the packaging should not be opened or tampered with.

13.2.2 Not to use the product or get any benefit from it.

13.2.3 Not to cause any damage to the product because of the customer.

13.2.4 Maintain the serial numbers of the product if any.

13.3 The website accepts return or replacement in cases of lack of conformity or that there are any defects of the products, in this case the website will bear the cost of shipping and returning the product.

13.4 The customer can request a return or replacement by contacting the Customer Service Center by phone or email described on Contact Us page, and the rep will arrive to the customer within 72 hours.

13.5 If return or replacement is for an error on the part the customer, then the customer will bear the cost of shipping, returning the product and reshipping the new product "if any".

13.6 In replacement requests, the website takes into account the price difference between the products.

13.7 If  return or replacement request is accepted, the money will be refunded  to the customer with the same payment method within 15 days of return date.


(13) Reviews Policy

9yda.com allows the customers who are registered in the website to add reviews to the products they purchase through the website, and these reviews must be subject to the following terms and controls:

14.1 The comment must be related to the product being commented upon, and to include a description of the customer's experience with the product, the features or the defects of the product.

14.2 9yda.com does not accept any offensive comments that violations this agreement or violates any applicable laws.

14.3 9yda.com does not accept any comments that include offence to the website, any users, celebrities, individuals, companies, countries, cultures, customs, traditions, norms, any production companies, competing companies, etc.

14.4 9yda.com does not accept any comments that include any promotion of services or goods that are not ours, and it is prohibited to include any software, external links or content that is not related to the products.

14-5 9yda.com does not accept any comments that include any promotion of services or goods that are not ours, and it is prohibited to include any software, external links or content that is not related to the products.

14.6 9yda.com reserves the right to delete the comments that violate the provisions of this agreement while reserving all our legal rights and compensation.

14.7 Any person or entity affected by the comments provided by the customer reserves all his \ its rights to appropriate compensations with all legal and judicial claims.


(15) Third Parties

15.1 The third parties may assist us in providing our services, and the website release its legal responsibility for any direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional errors made by the third parties which provide services through the website.

15.2 Terms and conditions of third parties may be applied to the user, and these are not subject to our control and therefore the user must access to and agree on these policies before benefiting from  the services provided by the third parties through us.


(16) Intellectual Property Rights

16.1 The website and all its material and moral elements are privately owned by the International Technology For General Trading in the State of Kuwait, and it should not be imitated, copied or re-used in any way. All the contents of the website (content, lists, texts, images, video, symbols, numbers, letters, icons, buttons, music, data, information) is subject to legal protection under the laws of the State of Kuwait and international conventions, and we have the right to take the legal actions in case of  attacks on it.

16.2 “9yda” is a trademark used by us and it should not be infringed, imitated, copied, traded illegally or used on marks or services that are not ours, and in case of an attack on that trademark, we have the right to take all the legal procedures that preserves all our commercial rights.


(17) Legal Responsibility

17.1 Each user is personally responsible for all the actions and activities which he  carries out through the website, and the website will not be subsidiary or solidarity responsible of any users.

17.2 Each user is personally responsible in case he does not comply with the commitments imposed on him under these applicable terms or policies.

17.3 Each user is personally responsible in case he violates the laws applicable in the State of Kuwait or the country to which he belongs, and the website will not be subsidiary or solidarity responsible of any users.

17.4 The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case that he violates any of our rights under these terms and conditions, attacks on any of our rights , our ownership of the website or any of its elements.

17.5 The customer shall bear all the legal responsibilities and compensations in case of providing fake purchase orders or misusing the services of the website in any way.

17.6 The customer shall bear the legal responsibility in case of misusing the products which he obtains through the website.

17.7 The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case of offending the website in any website, application, social media, email or through any other means.

17.8 The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case of offending of any other person through the website, without original, subsidiary or joint responsibility on the website.

17.9 The user is obliged to compensate us for all the damages to the website as a result of any illegitimate or unauthorized use by the user or any of his followers.

17.10 The user is obliged to compensate us in case of offending us , the administration of the website, employees, partners, distributors, agents, our affiliates or any other person who belongs to 9yda website.

17.11 We reserve all our legal rights arising from this Agreement at any time, and that not using the right at a specific time does not mean to waive it at all other times.


(18) Disclaimer of Liability

18.1 The user release us from the responsibility for all the illegitimate activities which are not our  and may occur through the website, the website cannot control all the actions carried through it, and the affected must inform us to take the necessary actions towards stopping the source of the damage.

18.2 The website may discontinues from time to time and it may permanently discontinues, whether for voluntary or involuntary reasons, and therefore you exempt us from any legal responsibility in case of a permanent or temporary discontinuing  of the website or any of its services.

18.3 The website does not provide any type of insurance or compensations to any of its users, advertisers or customers , and anyone who uses the website and its services at its own responsibility , and the website will not be  responsible to face any of the  users for any reason resulting from the use of the website or its services or apply our terms and policies.

18.4 The website is not responsible for any comments or content posted through it, or for any communications within or outside the website . Also the website is not responsible in any way for the processes of selling and buying made between the advertiser and the customer.


(19) Communications and Notifications

19.1 The website communicates with you from time to time through the contact details you have provided to us, and under this agreement you authorize us to communicate with you online or by telephone, and in case you do not want to receive  communication from us you must notify us and we will immediately discontinue to communicate with you, but this means that our services for you may be permanently discontinue.

19.2 Any notifications the website wants to notify the users with are made through their own contact details, and the user is supposed to know about with the notification once  the website sends it to him. In case that the user wants to send us notifications, this must be done through our means of communication available through the website's pages.


(20) Amendments and Additions

You know and agree that our services may be continuously amended or updated, and our terms, conditions and privacy policy may be amended, updated or added from time to time, and the website will not be obliged to notify any of its users, so you must review this agreement before any process you make through the website, and accordingly you acknowledge the right of 9yda.com at any time and without prior notice and at its sole discretion to review these terms and conditions or impose new terms and conditions related to 9yda.com You bear the responsibility for periodically reviewing these terms and conditions to review any amendment on these terms and conditions, and any use or obtain of the products or services of 9yda.com constitutes your consent to these reviews or additions.


(21) Cancellation

The website has the right to cancel any of the services available through it, adjust the website completely, change it  or change its activity. We also have the right to cancel the terms, conditions and privacy policy or replace them at any time without requiring your consent.


(22) Law

The interpretation and implementation of the  items of this document is subject to the laws applicable in the State of Kuwait, and these terms are not limited to the items contained in it, but extend to include all the legal provisions regulating civil and commercial relations applicable in the State of Kuwait so far as they were a complementary rules and do not directly or indirectly conflict with the items of this document.


(23) Jurisdiction

The Kuwaiti judiciary shall adjudicate disputes arising about the interpretation or implementation of any item of this document in accordance with the Kuwaiti laws, and in case that any item is excluded by a judicial decision, this is without prejudice to the competence of other items and that the items remain valid and productive for its legal effects unless the website cancels the agreement.


(24) Arabic Language

The language of the document is Arabic, and if it is translated into any other language, the Arabic text is applicable before all the official and unofficial bodies if the foreign translation conflicts with it.


(25) Contact Us

You can contact us through:

  • Email: info@9yda.com

  • Call us on the number +96567733889

  • Via Contact Us page through "Talk to us".