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OMRON INTELLI IT ( Connect ) - HEM-7155T-EBK-M4

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  • Easy-to-use Intelli Wrap Cuff size 22-42 cm
  • Tracking through the Omron Connect app
  • One button operation
  • Clear to understand results.
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Number of users: 2
  • 60 memories showing date and time of reading
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • Morning Hypertension Indicator
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Easy-to-use Intelli Wrap Cuff

Wrap the cuff at least one finger above your elbow line. During inflation, the cuff wrap guide will signal if the cuff is on correctly.

Know your body’s rhythm

Track your blood pressure over time as your readings automatically update to your mobile through the OMRON connect app.

One button operation

Press "START" to take a reading, and the cuff will begin to inflate as it measures your blood pressure.

Clear to understand results

With your measurement, M4 Intelli IT will indicate if you’ve moved too much, have an irregular heartbeat or hypertension.

Monitor your heart’s health Your blood pressure changes throughout the day, measuring in the morning and evening helps you get to know your body’s rhythm.